IHMA - the national platform for the qualified Homoeopaths is now a synonym for quality in all aspects of Homoeopathy in our country. The prime aim of IHMA from the very inception onwards was to improve the quality and standards of Homoeopathic system in our country and its followers. The then leaders and later  their followers attributed paramount importance in  providing continued medical education to the members which are of superior quality by developing faculty pool with high quality teachers and practitioners with total dedication and commitment to the system. As you all aware even during these troubled times, IHMA webinars are running in packed houses. IHMA is also keen in its service  and  commitment to the public by providing free medical camps and awareness classes throughout the country and also is far ahead in taking care of its members by launching  novel supporting projects like  Social Security Scheme.

IHMA school of Homoeopathy 
This major academic subsidiary of IHMA was launched aiming to fine tune the skills necessary for young doctors  to achieve a successful clinical practice and is later expanded to provide assistance in realizing their dreams of a much coveted career in Homoeopathy too.

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